The Bushwick Review V is now available. It features a magic eye cover, short stories, tarot cards, poems, collages, a misleading advertisement, architecture, and much more. The theme is code. It is $5 plus shipping.

  Has someone given you the secret passcode to access this issue online? Well, lucky you...


Joel Alter
Brian Amsterdam
Gabby Bess
Oscar Bruno D'Artois
Juliet Escoria
Lois Farningham
Kristen Felicetti
Brandon Ferraro
Mack Gelber
Lee Gillentine
David Hannon
Katharine Henner
Shane Jones
Zebadiah Keneally
Brett Masterson
Lydia Nichols
Phil Pierce
Michele Rosenthal
Alison Shanik
LK Shaw
Thom Smith
Sue Spang
Juliana Stankiewicz
Zachery Allan Starkey
Jen Tong
Tim Vienckowski