The Bushwick Review is a collaborative publication that features short stories, essays, poetry, photography, recipes, paintings, drawings, plays, comics, and basically anything that can be printed on a black and white page. The current issue is always only available in print, as a lovable little book that you can hold in your hands, read under the covers, or put in your bag or pocket.


It is not only a literary and art magazine, it is also a growing community of creative people. Many of the contributors know each other and are friends. They create things together. They drink and party together. The Bushwick Review was created as a way to bring their work together and share it with others.


But this is not an exclusive celebration. If you live in the New York City area, get off that computer, let’s get a drink, let’s go see something you’ve been wanting to check out, let’s have a substantial conversation, let's adventure. If you live further away, then you are welcome to email. Type whatever is on your mind, talk about what you are working on. Let’s talk dreams and then help each other go after them.


CONTACT: The captain of The Bushwick Review is Kristen Felicetti. Write anytime at

PRESS: Dazed Digital, Bedford + Bowery, The L Magazine, It's Nice That, 3rd Ward, BushwickBK, The New York Times

RETAILERS: Desert Island Comics, St. Marks Bookshop, Bluestockings, Atomic Books