The Bushwick Review is #4 is now available. It features short plays, an imagined interview, a project to get you walking and drawing, comics, a poetic rant against Morgantown, short stories, an OKCupid profile for the G Brookyln-Queens Crosstown Local train, and much more. It is $5 plus shipping.

Bryxan Amsterdam
Eleanor Brown
Nicholas Burgess
Robyn Caplan
Matt Cook
Kenton deAngeli
Mikel Durlam
Clayton Eddy
Lois Farningham
Zachary Feldman
Kristen Felicetti
Kathleen Flood
Crystal Heller
Jenn Hyland
Taleen Kalenderian
Asa Merritt
Rebecca Nison
Toney Palumbo
Phil Pierce
Paul Rome (with Roarke Menzies)
Michele Rosenthal
Thom Smith
Tim Vienckowski